The Yade litter 2015

This is a litter after RW SGC Lykken Peer Gynt of Tzari and TGC Lykken curly Tsarina born the 26/12-2015
There was 6 kittens in the litter, one stillborn. The colours was 2 black smoke with curls, 2 chocolade smoke with curls and one black straight.

Yade kuldet 2015

The parents
RW SGC Lykken Peer Gynt of Tzari

Gynt is a friendly boy with a lot of cattitude. He is relxed cool and a clever boy. On his page you can read more about him, see pictures, videos and test results. He is RW(regional winner) and best male in the breed 2 year in a row in Tica.
This is his only litter before he was neutered. He is testet for Fiv/Felv, PKD, PK-def and a lof of other genetics problems and all the test was negative(he did not carry it). He ois also Ecco/scanned to check for HCM also these was very great so he have a healty heart.
TGC Lykken Curly Tsarina
Tsarina is a mommys girl. she is very lovely and love to cuddle. She is very playfull. She became TCG(Tripple grand Champion) after only 2 shows. This is her first and only litter before she was netered. She is also testet for Fiv/Felv, PKD, PK-def and a lof of other genetics problems and all the test was negative(he did not carry it). she is also Ecco/scanned to check for HCM also these was very great so he have a healty heart.
There are more info about her, pictures and test results on her profile,
Girls 2015
Tzari Amphetamine


Very trusting Black smoke girl with a promising type and a very lovely temper. She is Homozygote for the rex/curl gene. She will be staying home for Show and breeding

Tzari Re-Volution


Very lovely and contact seeking chocolade smoke girl. She talks alot and is allways helping with everything. She now live on sjælland.

Tzari Dark Dance
Black straight haired girl. Very contact seekin girl with a great type. She now live on sjælland and is sold for breeding
Tzari Partytrooper

big Chocoladesmoke girl with a very lovely temperament and great type. She alælways want to be seen and try to help with everything. She stay home for show and breeding
the boy 2015
Tzari Lay Down The Law

Big curly black smoke boy. He is purring all the time and love to play with everyone. He is now living at Laura and Manu on sjælland. He can be seen on some shows together with the new owners.
Pictures: 3 week old
Pictures: 2 week old

weight chart
1. day 1. week 2. week 3. uge 4. week 5. week 6. week 7. week 8. week 9. week 10. week 11. week 12. week 13. week 14. week 17. week 18. week
Tzari Amphetamine 100 146 173 225 321 485 560 715 810 985 1145 1415 1480 1650 1810 2180 2310
Tzari Party Trooper 108 169 242 305 455 570 630 755 955 1180 1420 1665 1895 2210 2360 2770 2930
Tzari Revolution 101 167 237 293 415 550 595 690 920 1040 1260 1415 1625 1880 2075 2450(plus body
Tzari Dark Dance 87 150 225 273 379 475 520 560 785 990 1190 1525 1755 2000 2190 2470 2670
Tzari Lay Down the Law 96 157 226 276 405 580 655 835 1055 1255 1540 1725 1960 2250 2460 2880 3055
RW SGC Lykken Peer Gynt
. SRL black smoke.
Hcm scan 2 year.
Lykken Buffalo Bill
black tabby
Timo Von Ambach
30-09-2008. BRI(LH) Chokolade blotched tabby
Saltimbanco´s Freddy M
Bri Chocolate tabby
Ambach`s Fancy
Bri Fawn point.
DK Calico Moon´s Amber 06-04-2009
SRS Black tortie
Hcm scan 5 year.
Catbalu Cinnamon-Moon SRS, Cinnamon.
DK Calico Moon´s Frida Kahlo SRS f , tortie
WHF Shadows Curl of Lykken
SRL black smoke
Hcm skan 7 år. scan for PKD,
RW WHF Oscar Again
. SRL Black/white
Deenewkurl Slow Gin Fuzz, SL, Red Classic Tabby
Oklahoma Twister of WHF,SL, Black Tortie/White
Reigningcats Evening Serenity of WHF . SRL. Black Shaded Silver. Lapurrfect Howalot of Reighningcats, SRL, Blue Shaded Tabby
Kameokitn Lightening , PS, Chocolate

Lykken Curly Tsarina of Tzari
12-07-2014 SRL black.

Lykken United Colors
13-05 2013
SR black tortie with white
Pirot Dane Aramis BRI b 33 Chokoladepoint IC Windymeadow Pepe Reina. Scan HCM 2 times
Empire´s Rosie MCGee Scanned HCM x 2.
Curly Xinthia van Brifety 08-02-2012 SRS blue tortie/white Int.Ch. Wesley of Chivers
Bri. White Scan HCM 1 year.
Ch. Sheeplet Tootie Fruitie SRLBlue tortie/white HCM scan 6 year.
Lykken Yarno
SRL sort
Lykken Blue Heavenly Curl SRL Blue Scanned HCM 4 years Calicurl Blue Curly Bear 29-01-2007
SRL Blue
Foxy Girl van der Wethmar Mark 19-05-2008 BRI (LH) Blue tortie/white
Lykken First Chocolate Curl SRL tortie Scann HCM 4 years. X-File von der Hassler Linde
02-01-2009 SRL cinnamon
Celandine´s Curly Chayenne Joya
03-11-2007 SRLblue tortie/white