Tzari Amphetamine
day of birth: den 26/12/2015
Breed: Selkirk Rex, longhair(f3)
breeder: Vivian Andresen/tzari.
Colour: Black smoke, homozygot curly

Amphetamine(pet name Amfie) is a mommys girl. Most likely place to find her is laying on me purring. She is a very playfull girl that love to play. Her favorite play is Fetch. She briing her fetch-stck and i throw it and she return it many times.

She is homozygote for the curly/rex gene. That is the reason she is more shorthaired than her sisters. But her coat is longhaired. She will stay here for breeding.

She is possibel chocolade,cinnamon and mask carryer. A gene test will tell later.

Amfie is on instragram under #tzariamphetamine