RW SGC Lykken Peer Gynt of Tzari
Day of birth: 17/4/2012
breed: Selkirk rex, longhair(f2)
breeder: Astrid Lykken.
Colour and coat: black smoke, heterozygote curl

Blood type: AA
Colour he carry: Cinnamon

Testet free for: PKD and PK-def When i saw Gynt at the age of 4 week it was love t first sight. I the moment i didnt plan to get more cats. When he was 12 week and still not sold i contacted his breeder and picked him up when he was 16 weeks. He was everything i had hoped for. He was buyed for show but me and the breeder agreed to keep him fertile, so she had a backup. He hd big succes on the show and a wonderful temperament. After some years i was alloed to find him a girlfriend and get a litter on him. When Tsarina was born i found him the perfect girl.

Gynt have the nicname peer Klynk(whiner in danish) since he is a big drma queen if he dont get to be in charge or you touch his bag legs.

Gynt is today Supreme grand champion in Tica and was also Regional winner(18th Ab and 9th LH) in 2013/2014 and Regional winner (2014/2015 16lh) in Tica. He was also best male in the breed in tica these 2 years with only 6 and 5 shows those seasons. Gynt is having a Show break now.

Gynt is ecco scan with great result 2 year old. A new scan will be made in 2017 before his daughter get kittens.

Komplet test resultat can be seen here Dna:

HCM scan/ecco .

Lykken Buffalo Bill 04-11-2010 SRS(var) black tabby
Timo Von Ambach 30-09-2008. BRI(LH) Chokolade blotched tabby Saltimbanco´s Freddy M Bri Chocolate tabby Saltimbanco´s Fire and Ice BRI Cinamon-silver calssic tabby
Passimilla´s Igraine BRI chocolate silver shaded -p
Ambach`s Fancy Bri Fawn point. Caramello von Ambach BRI Chocolate silver tabby -p
Colored- Emotion in fawn vom Kaiserberg BRI fawn-point/white
DK Calico Moon´s Amber 06-04-2009 SRS Black tortie Hcm scan 5 year. Catbalu Cinnamon-Moon SRS, Cinnamon. TICA Gr. CH Catbalu Crme-Royale SRS e ( creme)
Catbalu Xante SRS o 03 Bicolour Cinnamon
DK Calico Moon´s Frida Kahlo SRS f , tortie Calicurl Sugar Candymoon SRS n Black
Poitillstic Bangkirai SRS g 33 Blå tortie maske

WHF Shadows Curl of Lykken 31-03-2006 SRL black smoke Hcm skan 7 år. scan for PKD,

RW WHF Oscar Again . SRL Black/white Deenewkurl Slow Gin Fuzz, SL, Red Classic Tabby Noface Pico Deguyo Persian Red
Woolibar I Am Curious Blue Selkirk Rex . Blue tortie point
Oklahoma Twister of WHF,SL, Black Tortie/White Lapurrfect Teaser Selkirk Rex LH Black
Lapurrfect Punkin Puss Selkirk Rex Black tortie/white
Reigningcats Evening Serenity of WHF . SRL. Black Shaded Silver Lapurrfect Howalot of Reighningcats, SRL, Blue Shaded Tabby RW SGC Laourrfect El Zorro The Great Selkirk Rex LH Black
Lapurrfect Shadow Girl Selkirk Rex, Black Silver Shaded / White
Kameokitn Lightening , PS, Chocolate Lilypurr Emmit Brown Of Krystlmist Persian /chocolate
Longhares Chocolate Coco Mo Himalayan/Chocolatepoin